Welding is one of the main technological processes in the production of metal products. The process takes place with the heat, pressure or a combination of both, with added material or without.

In our company we have a highly trained and experienced personnel in the following areas:

  • Stainless steel welding
  • Structural steel welding
  • Thermal sheet metal welding
  • Aluminium welding
  • A-TEST 3786
  • A-TEST 3787
  • A-TEST 3788
  • WQPR 360


In our manufacturing facility we use the following welding processes:


MIG/MAG Robotic Welding

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding is carried out with uncoated electrode wire and the neutral protective gas Ar (argon). We can weld aluminum, stainless steel, and etc.

MAG (Metal Activ Gas) welding is carried out with uncoated electrode wire and a protective active gas being CO2. With this we can weld pipes, structural steel, thin sheet metal, etc.


For MIG / MAG welding, we have two welding robots available:


  • ABB IRB 2400



Spot welding

Spot welding is the most widely used welding process. The process is carried out in the way that two copper electrodes compress the workpiece (two sheet metal pieces). Due to the large electric current, the material is heated, and with the pressure from the electrodes a weld is formed. Metal surfaces must be clean and free of rust.


TIG welding

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding is performed with pure tungsten electrode or stainless (with thorium, zirconium or hafnium oxide), in a protective atmosphere composed of Ar (argon) or He (helium). The origin of the welding current may be AC or DC. The process is particularly suitable for welding of high alloy steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals.



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